Be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you.

Who We Are

Dr Amandeep Singh (BDS,HON's, BIO CHEM-TECH, FAGE), belives to provide quality dental care at economical cost to our patients.It is our purpose to provide care to our patients as if they were part of our healthy dental family. Over the years our belief has been that teeth & oral tissues can be taken at any stage of destruction and restored to a comfortable, functioning & beautiful set of teeth.

  • a complete range of options for your dental, periodontal, and implant problems
  • an international team of highly-trained specialists with experience in every field of dentistry and implantology
  • cutting edge surgical, dental, and radiological equipment
  • same day emergency appointments, superb customer service
Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Dr. Amandeep Singh


Dr. Nadia Kaur